Assalam! For my first blog I plan on going back to where it all started. Trust me when I say that no one including myself knew that I will start covering my hair at the age when I did. I belong to a religious family where each and every member of the family offers Namaz, recites Quran, basically adheres to the five pillars of Islam, Alhumdillilah. Dressing up was always a personal choice for us, we were never questioned for dressing a certain way. Since childhood we were narrated Hadiths, verses of Quran, we were taught what was right and wrong but it was for us to decide the preachings that we wanted to inculcate in our lives. This back story is to let you know that the decision to wear or not to wear a head scarf had to be my own and no one else’s.

Before I started covering my hair, I was your everyday muslim who believed in Allah, feared him and offered Namaz. Apart from these things I can’t think of anything that made me a stand out Muslim. My everyday attire consisted of jeans, sweatpants and shirt, nothing too skimpy but not too modest either. I had a very casual equation with people from the opposite sex. I had friends with whom I shook hands, gave a hug maybe. They were my friends with whom I shared quiet a nonchalant bond. I never dated a guy but (that was my personal choice so I won’t bring it here ) but I got along mostly with guys.

So, this is who I was till my last year of undergrad course in Singapore. I went back to India after I was done with my final year exams. A month later winter approached and I started wearing woollen scarves to keep myself warm.

I used to get up every morning wear a warm scarf till the end of the day. This continued for a week or so and before I knew I was growing fond of having a scarf around my head.

I gradually began covering my hair even when I wasn’t cold. Believe me or not I wasn’t planning to cover my hair anytime soon so I have no idea how that thought inculcated my mind. I believe Allah planned this for me and thoughtfully sneaked in the idea in my heart.

After this impulsive idea had been conceived there is one decision that I very firmly made ‘If I am going to wear head scarves, I am doing it for good’.

There is no turning back and most important is that, I wont do it as an on and off business. Be it a mall ride, a family affair, a professional meet or a supermarket run I need to keep my hair covered at all times. I gave myself a grace period of fifteen days if I wanted to go back to keeping my hair out, well you can see what the final decision must have been.

Went out for the first time wearing a head scarf ft. my sister Sara

Talking about my family, they were of course happy with my decision but they weren’t too sure how long it was going to last. Couple of months later I attended my Undergrad convocation ceremony in Singapore with the same batchmates who had seen my hair out all through the undergrad years. They were such adorable human beings to compliment my look, my decision and encourage me (wish I could tag them all here). Before the beginning of the ceremony my parents asked me if I was sure about getting my graduation pictures taken with a scarf on and I said Yes because I had never felt this confident about myself and my decision. After that day my family must have realised that this change is happening for good and since then they have always acknowledged and appreciated my decision.


The decision of wearing a head scarf brought positivity in my life and confidence in my personality. It oozed a sense of direction, a sense of belonging and most important I was carrying a new identity with me.

There is so much more to talk about in continuation to this but I will be doing that in the upcoming blogs. Also, I don’t like using the term ‘Hijab’ because Hijab is much more than covering your hair with a scarf.

I don’t like using the term ‘Hijab’ because Hijab is much more than covering your hair with a scarf.

My upcoming blogs will revolve around

: Why do I cover my hair and why do I like covering my hair

: A journey of hair covering to modest dressing

: My lifestyle post head scarves

– Zoya


  1. So much warmth in your story , naive and genuine way to start of hijab Alhamdulillah. May Allah swt make it easy for you in every phase of your life .

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