About Me

Hello world! I am Zoya, your girl-next-door with a passion for modest fashion, travelling, writing, and being a coffee connoisseur.

As a young, modern and opinionated Hijabi girl, I have a plethora of ideas when it comes to modest fashion, which I bounced around before deciding to channel it in the form of a blog after much procrastination (and prodding by family).

My posts will be about my fashion anecdotes, the nicer parts of my everyday life, and self nourishment. My blog is a bit of a travel guide as well as a place where you get useful modest fashion advice.

Having grown up at the crossroads of culture in India, Dubai and Singapore, my blog will be an amalgamation of my personal travels and my creative output.

When I am not blogging, people can find me voraciously reading, relishing my coffee (black only, please), and running after my rambunctious Persian cat, Nowy.